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paul w ruiz art notes

Paul Ruiz Life Drawing Workshop | Lindberg Galleries



Join the artist at Lindberg Galleries for an in depth presentation of his most recent work followed by an intensive life drawing session. This presentation and workshop will cover creative motivation, contemporary and art historical influences, process and methods. The life drawing session will strengthen your observations of and response to the human figure.


"It was great to be your student, even if it was only for a day (it felt like an hour). I'll take that with me as I pick up on my training from 15+ years ago which I expect will take my career to a new level... I will be one student that will take you up on your seriously generous offer to stay in touch with developments."  Nancy B (House Mouse Design VIC)

"I learnt so much and am looking forward to being able to hopefully implement some of your wonderful insights and methodologies into my work. You were so generous with your knowledge, ideas and sharing about your feelings that influence your beautiful work." Sharon M (VIC)

"Not only is Paul an accomplished visual artist, but his teaching skills are alive with keys on how to look outside your own experiences for inspiration, and he is full information on places to continue looking after the session. Paul is truly enraptured by where art can take an individual and he is generous in his guidance, no matter the skill level of the pupil...” Andrea Rice Sinclaire VIC

“ Paul is a very generous teacher, and is incredibly supportive of each artists journey. He is willing to share his experience in all aspects- The highs and lows of being a professional artist. I took away from these workshops a strong sense of the importance of being true to my art-to let the work evolve and to not be afraid to change the work completely... Thanks Paul!” Lynne Lund -Eltham VIC

"We are indebted to Paul for walking our secondary art students through much of his conceptual and process-based thinking ... As a speaker, Paul's manner was earnest, warm and generous. He provided our students with a wealthy exchange of visual and oral information and experience...he impressively managed to command the attention of a young audience." E. Benson (St. Kevins College Toorak)