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Sean Scully | Resistance and Persistence: Selected Writings


The following book is a treasured part of my art library, and as some folks are always curious about the various influences and feeds into an artist's work, well here is one of them. Its like a great painting; you can return to it time and again and continue to draw from, its richness of perspective and insight. And it's also evidence that I am not solely reliant on the influence of figurative painting, I enjoy my share of abstract work too. The clarity of Scully's reflections on the meaning and making of art are matched only by the tenacity of a sustained and credible studio practice.

This book provides penetrating insights into the nature and place of painting in contemporary life, offering up metaphors about it that should help guide an artist through a maze of self-imposed constraints  and limitations (real and perceived) just when they need it most.

As a painter I cannot recommend this book enough as a resource that will help extend and challenge your thinking, but more importantly, your work and your conviction about it's place in the world.

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