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paul w ruiz art notes


Danseuses attachant leurs sandales, oil on canvas, circa 1895

Danseuses attachant leurs sandales, oil on canvas, circa 1895

I first encountered you at age 15. And after all these years I’m still gripped by

The architecture of your forms
The rhythms of bold and subtle colour
The shimmer and audacity of light rippling across flesh, sinew, and surface.
Your work’s sense of air and space,
of raw substance and weight
The quiet, yet relentless drive to reimagine the ordinary into moments of spectacle.

Degas, Melbourne welcomes you this Winter.

Finding a print house (and a June Sale)


It can take time to find a quality fine art print house. I never wanted to just hand over digital files of badly photographed work to a third party for them to photoshop it to perfection. I wanted a team who could digitally reproduce my original paintings and then work with me to agree on the best solution for image resolution, colour matching and paper.

I found this in Colour Factory two years ago. Truthfully, we haven't always agreed on things, but they've always taken the time to work through my concerns and ensure standards are impeccable. I love the work they do and when I sign and edition each piece before shipping, I am confident the prints reflect the standard I hold my own work up to before releasing it for sale or exhibition.

Until the end of June 2016 all limited edition prints are available at 20% off standard pricing. To learn more visit the print store page.